The 7 plagues of Software Testing

James A. Whittaker tells us about the 7 plagues of Software Testing on the Google Testing Blog.

  1. The plague of Aimlessness – The lack of communication between testers means that we keep repeating each other, creating the same tests for the same things. An exchange of knowledge, lore, is necessary.
  2. The plague of Repetitiveness – Tests need to be diverse, even the automated ones.
  3. The plague of Amnesia – The problem you are working on has probably been solved before.
  4. The plague of Boredom – When forgetting the tactical aspects of testing such as writing test cases, testing becomes boring and uncreative.
  5. The plague of Homelessness – You need to live in a house for a while before you realize that the dishwasher should have been placed a bit more to the right, or that there is leak somewhere. A tester cannot do this.
  6. The plague of Blindness. A software is untangible we must rely on our less concrete senses to for any feedback about our effort.
  7. To be announced.

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