Try something new for 30 days

ImageAt the Agile Sweden (Agila Sverige) conference which I participated in organizing there was a talk about making changes stick. The presenter had been inspired by Matt Cutts’ TED talk and had tried out a few things for 30 days. He gave some tips to succeeding, for example only take on one challenge at the time and let people know that you are doing a challenge.

This is me letting you know that my 30 day challenge (started on May 2nd) is to read something every day! It’s not a big change from daily life but/there fore I think that it’s a good step for a first challenge.

I’ve charged my Kindle, downloaded an Audible book to my mobile phone and created an instapaper account. I’m setting myself up for success by making sure there will always be something to read.

I highly recommend Matt’s TED talk which is only 3½ minutes and really inspiring.

And also, if you want to try it but need a few good ideas, Matt writes about his challenges on his blog.

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