30 day experiment: tools for reading more easily and therefor more

In order to succeed with my 30 day experiment of reading every day, I spent a bit of time setting up. I created an Instapaper account and bought the android app for my phone, I downloaded some audiobooks with Audible and their android app and I made sure had something to read on my Kindle.

Instapaper is an awesome tool which helps you deal with all of those interesting articles your friends send to you or you find on Twitter but you don’t have the time to read right now. Instead you click “read later” and Instapaper will save a copy in an easy to read format for you. At some other time, when you have time to read, you can bring up your list of articles and read them.

Audible is a site where you can purchase audiobooks, it allows you to access your books on a mobile phone, an ipod, your kindle, etc. I prefer the android app and I find that it works very well.

For me, I use audible when watching my kid play in the playground or when riding my bike to work. Instapaper and Kindle I use on the subway.

I also tried sending my Instapaper articles to my Kindle but I don’t recommend it. Instapaper sends articles periodically (daily, weekly, etc) and the title of the document in Kindle is the date on which it was sent. This makes it hard to find a specific article.

Having these things set up, I had prepared for success and I don’t think I would have met my goal without the preparations.

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