How important is writing?

I read this interview with Matt Mullenweg , the creator of WordPess, where he says:

“Skill in writing is one of the things I look for the most in hiring, because I feel that clear writing represents clear thinking, regardless of someone’s background, or whether they’re a designer or coder or whatever.

The ability to communicate effectively and clearly in written form is not only super important in a distributed company, but I think reflects well on how they approach life in general.

Part of the reason I started blogging and started working on WordPress was because I love writing.

If I can become a better writer, perhaps I can become a better thinker.”

I feel that my writing reflects my thinking a lot. I’m a slow writer, an email takes me ages. I pick my words carefully, delete, rewrite and keep going until perfection or until I say to myself “come on, you’re just cancelling your subscription, this is probably good enough”.

I wonder if the process shows in the results. I also wonder how my favourite colleagues do in this regard. Would I have hired them based on their writing?


One thought on “How important is writing?

  1. Basecamp’s (former 37signal) Getting Real has a short chapter on the subject; Wordsmiths (Hire good writers). Personally, I can’t help but agree with it. I’ve both consciously and unconsciously used it as a filter when, for example, recruiting. Though, I’m still on edge about really putting it into use. Is it okay to dismiss someone based on their email formatting and writing? I suppose it depends, as most things do.

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