Looking for a programming job

Here is my full resume as PDF: UlrikaMalmgren-Resume
LinkedIn profile
(Unfortunately I’m not interested in consulting, relocating from Stockholm or remote work at this point in my life)

I’m looking for a job as a programmer. Even though I’ve been working with software development for 10 years, I’ve never written production code for money. There has been the occasional helpful tool, automated testing and such but never anything a user has seen. After a year as an agile coach, I’m dying to dive into programming!

(But why? I think partially because of this)

What I’m looking for is a team where I’ll spend most (all?) of my time working together with the team members and where people share my love for quality. I want to spend my time pairing or mob programming. I don’t know what kind of programming I want to do, I’m just ready to explore.

Even though this will be the first time I dive into production code programming, I’m not a Software Development rookie.

What I bring to a Software Development team

  • knowledge and understanding about testing. What it is, what it isn’t.
  • experience as a team coach
  • knowledge and understanding (and love!) of Kanban principles
  • problem solving intuition
  • pushing on to finish: I have the endurance to get things done. I mean really done with all the details.

I have basic understanding of git, terminals, unit testing, java, python, ruby, cucumber, selenium. This means that I’m able to do some basic programming projects without spending too much time on Stack Overflow. 😉

I feel that my Master of Science in Information Technology studies have helped me reach good intuition about problem solving and troubleshooting which I’ve been developing ever since. I have to be honest, I do love a good troubleshooting from time to time. KTH also boosted my self confidence. After all the operating system, parallel computing and message passing labs, I feel that there is nothing I can’t conquer.

From my time as a tester I’ve learned many ways in which things can go wrong. Testers quickly learn that their work is not done until the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed which means that there is no room for sloppy work. You need to fire up IE7 even though no one in their right minds wants to use it.

As team coach, I’ve developed an arsenal of techniques to help a team from slicing work into meaningful pieces to getting to know each other’s personal values. I’ve also experienced what benefits a pull system can bring to a team. I believe these to be helpful for any team.


My Software Development values

(If we don’t match in values, there is no point in going further than this)

  • one small thing at the time: it’s just better and faster. Not everything can be highest prio.
  • get feedback quickly: we need to know if we’re on the right track. Let’s not plan in details too far ahead.
  • working together: it’s better for quality and creativity. It’s a waste of time to not pair.
  • take time for improvement: you need to carve out time for improvements and use it well. This is as important as features.


So there it is: junior developer but senior team member. What do you have for me?

Here is my full resume as PDF: UlrikaMalmgren-Resume

LinkedIn profile





4 thoughts on “Looking for a programming job

  1. I like your approach to this, and that you are seeking anew challenge – good luck! Nothing to offer you, but just wanted to say I too am on a reinvention / reinvigoration / change-to-learn-and-grow path. So keep us posted on how you get on.

  2. Hello Ulrika. I finally made it to the tab with this post 🙂

    I have similar experience – 9 years into testing (well 2 of them as agile coach). I’ve got a bit tired teaching people about impossibility of complete testing, about implications of big automated UI test suites and thought to try diving into development. There’s just more job opportunities there and salaries tend to be bigger.

    All of a sudden I got laid off from a startup. By that time I was Test Architect and Quality Lead.

    It was really hard to find a job in QA field as I was too experienced for many quality engineer position (I’d say I’m not, doing leadership and internal consulting mostly) and got many rejections.

    Getting a developer gig was even harder. One place was ready to take me as junior dev on probation with university grad salary, which is a hit on budget. Others said that its stupid to switch and that I would need to learn a bit before applying.

    Even worse on one interview devs asked tricky questions about REST and its design principles and main properties (I actually don’t remember the exact question and they never provided a correct answer). Their reply was that I my CV contains technologies, like REST, that I don’t know and this worries them and so “no”. I have Postman installed, test RESTful services and by now wrote a small framework for automated REST tests and swagger validations. This was a hard hit.

    What I learned is
    – they want github and pet projects to see your code
    – they will run you through graph traversal, recursion exercise and algorithms
    – other my SDET/QE peers who applied to developer position felt double standards toward us from devs. When hired, they were shocked how horrible the code and the tests of these hiring gurus was.

    PS- remembered this post https://medium.com/@marlenac/a-tableflip-guide-transitioning-from-tester-to-developer-f09f3c79f25a#.ze8rvpa9n

    Hope my experience helps you somehow. Good luck!

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