Talks and workshops

Upcoming talks and workshops

Invite me to speak on Quality, Mindset or Agile and Teams!


  • 2016 – April 14th – CukeUp! , London, “How to prevent testers from being a liability”, Slides and video
  • Also at CukeUp! I quickly translated “Fixed mindset is sabotaging for you and your team” no slides but video
  • 2016 Guest in the Cucumber podcast, discussing drawing examples and collaboration together with Aslak Hellesøy and Matt Wynne Listen
  • 2016 – March 9th – Booster Conference, Bergen “How testers can be a liability for your team” Slides
  • 2016 1-2 February – Swetugg Stockholm “Amplify your awesomeness with testing” Slides and video


  • 2015 Guest in the podcast “Väg 74” on the topic of testing: Listen
  • 2015 March – CukeUp, London, “Illustrating scenarios” Slides and video


  • Ulrika presenting2014 September 19th – From the front, Bologna, Italy  “Amplify your awesomeness with testing” Slides and video 
  • 2014 June 4th – Agila Sverige “How a fixed mindset almost made me give up on software engineering” Video in Swedish
  • 2014 March 18th – Belgium Testing Days, Bruges, Belgium Workshop “Stop talking, start doing and get your team to care about testing!”
  • 2014 At clients: “Intro to Agile Testing” (swedish) Slides
  • 2014 March 7th – Future Friday @ KTH “From insecure teenager to appreciated consultant” Video in swedish
  • 2014 February 3rd – JFokus “Tutorial: Software Quality Accelerator”


  • 2013 June 16th – Web5 “Amplify your awesomeness with testing” Slides
  • 2013 May 23rd – SmartBear user conference MeetUI. “Commiting to quality as a team” Video and Slides
  • 2012 November – JDuchess meetup“Agile Testing”
  • 2012 May – Agical GeekNight“Agile Testing”

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